Friday, 3 March 2017

Best work week 5 term 1

This week my best piece of work would probably be my maths word problems  because I worked really hard on them and it was really fun. Here is the finished work. 

Word Problems
Term 1 Wk 5

1) If  fred baked 65 biscuits and lilly baked 87 biscuits, how many biscuits are there altogether?   152

2) On Monday a farm of chickens laid 46 eggs, on Tuesday 38 eggs and Wednesday 60 eggs. How many eggs were laid altogether?  144

3) Samuel ate 24 sweets. Kate ate 17 more than Samuel. How many sweets did Kate eat?
4) An orchard contains 87 apple trees, 54 pear trees and 12 plum trees. How many trees in the orchard?
5) 48 children walked to school and 107 were dropped off. How many children were at school altogether?
  1. Find the sum of 285 and 67.
2. A book costs $7.30 and Jim gives a $10 note. How much change does Jim get back?
3. Tony read 14 pages of his book on Saturday and on Sunday he got to page 59. How many pages did he read on Sunday?
4. Find the total of 230 and 60.
5. Sally went to the Warehouse and bought a T-Shirt which cost $15. She also bought a pair of shoes. The total of her purchase came to $42. How much were her shoes?
1. Fred had 467 cows on his farm. Gary had 643. How many more cows does Gary have?
2. Totara sold 67 raffles on Monday, 49 on Tuesday and 27 on Wednesday. How many raffles did Totara sell altogether? 143

3. Last week my shopping bill was $235. This week it was $48 less. How much was my shopping bill this week?
4. There were 89 children at the swimming pool and 46 more came. How many were there altogether?
5. Lucy had $500 and spent $270 at the Surf Shop. How much money does she have left?



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