Friday, 31 March 2017

Best work week 9 term 1

This week I think my best piece of work is my maths word problems because I worked hard and its fun. This took me all week so please don't judge me about it. The hardest thing I found was trying to add these numbers in my head. Next time I think I will write them down in my maths book so it is easier for me to work them out. OK here is the finished work! 

Word Problems
Term 1 Wk 9

Strawberry Story

Sheena has 24 strawberries growing in her garden.

  1. If ⅓ of the strawberries are not ripe, how many strawberries are not ripe?
2. If ¼ of the strawberries have gone moldy, how many strawberries have gone moldy?
3. Birds peck ⅙ of the strawberries. How many strawberries have been pecked by birds?
4. Slugs eat ⅛ of the strawberries. How many strawberries have been eaten by the bugs?
5. Sheena’s rabbit nibbles 1/12 of the strawberries. How many strawberries have been nibbled by Sheena’s rabbit?
6. How many strawberries are left for Sheena to eat?
Perimeter Problems

Fred’s Framing Shop specialized in made-to-measure frames. What is the minimum length  of framing needed to frame each of the following items?

  1. A photograph that measures 10cm by 15cm.
2. A collection of shells mounted on a board that measure 35 cm square
3. A water color painting that measures 44cm by 28 cm
4. A tapestry that measures 57cm by 31cm
5. An oil painting that measures 75cm by 51cm
                              6. A poster that measures 88cm by 66cm
7. A print that measures 42cm by 60cm
8. A mirror that measures 100cm by 30cm


  1. Hi Dylan. I really have enjoyed working with you in Maths this week. Remember to write your problems down in your book to help you work them out.

  2. Great stuff buddy keep it up, and yes write it down as this helps work it out quicker. Luv ya


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