Friday, 2 November 2018

Descriptive horror story t4w3

This week we have been working on descriptive horror stories since Wednesday was Halloween. we got to do them  on whatever we chose so I teamed up with Jacob  and we chose to write a story we called: ĦØỮŞ€ Ø₣ ĦØŘŘØŘ. The story isn't completed yet so keep checking back for more of the story. Here is what we have done so far: ĦØỮŞ€ Ø₣ ĦØŘŘØŘ Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Homes | Lis’Anne Harris

Slam!  Bang! Crash! The door finally collapsed Michael looking in, warily, saw cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and the floor boards have holes and look like they were loose he didn't want to go in. “Oh don't be a baby” said Tiffany walking in, the others follow all except from Michael who is still hesitant. Then Harry notices and encourages him.
Then they looked around the musty old building and went upstairs
and they saw a bedroom. Everyone goes in except Michael he is hesitant once again ...walking into the bedroom, SLAM! A gramophone gently starts playing a song that sings “tick tock goes the clock, when it strikes one you will run, when it strikes two i'm coming for YOU!”  The song stops and they hear muffled screams through the door. Michael is dragged away from the room and leaves a trail of blood. They open the door and Michael is gone. Then they see the trail of blood and Harry screams “MICHAEL!!!, Walking down the stairs Tim spots a trail of blood on the wall and she realises that the fresh dripping blood spelled out
It Lives In The Swamp BRK Regular

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